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“A Wild Horse Casino Movie” is one of those rare movie gems that can’t be found on the big screen. I was recently watching a movie at the local movie house in town and stumbled across a movie called “A Wild Horse Casino.” I’m sure that I’ve seen this movie before, but I had never actually seen it.

wild horse casino movies

“At the foothills of the Blue Mountain, nestled amongst the majestic rolling wheat, lie a special get away. Wildhorse Casino & Resort, co-owned and operated by members of the federally recognized Umatillan Indian Tribe (UCTUIR), is the premiere entertainment resort destination!” reads the movie description. “With an 18-hole championship golf course, 300 comfortable hotel rooms, over 1300 slots, five restaurant choices (including fine dining and family fun), seven tables (including two for live game play), four indoor parks and an interactive casino, you’re guaranteed to have an empty smile on your face!”

The “A Wild Horse Casino & Resort” movie is a fun little comedy with some unique aspects and is worth watching even if you’ve seen it all before. One of the more interesting aspects of “A Wild Horse Casino” is that it doesn’t just have one set location. Throughout the entire film, the main characters travel throughout the wilderness to different locations, where they play all kinds of games, eat the best food, drink the best beer, and take advantage of all of the comforts and delights that the land has to offer.

In the end, the “A Wild Horse Casino & Resort” movie ends with a celebration of its success, in the form of a huge casino party! and a prize for the winner of which is said to be worth well over a million dollars. So, as the movie ends, I started to wonder, “what would I get my girlfriend to watch when she comes to visit?”

“A Wild Horse Casino” is an absolutely brilliant film, filled with adventure, humor, action and mystery, but most of all a story about family and friendship. If you like the Wild West and/or movies with horses, I’d strongly suggest giving it a try. You’ll definitely enjoy this one. But remember, no matter what the reason, you don’t want to bring your kids with you! It’s not the kid’s entertainment!

“A Wild Horse Casino & Resort” open in theaters nationwide on July 13th, 2020. Make sure to see it in Portland!