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The Wild Horse Pass Hotel and Casino

wild horse pass hotel and casino

The Wild Horse Pass Hotel and Casino

The Wild Horse Pass hotel and casino are a small, but stunningly beautiful town that lies on the Colorado River, about an hour and a half north of Las Vegas, Nevada. As well as its nice location, it’s one of the oldest and most famous gambling resorts in the country and has long been considered to be a great spot for visiting the Sin City.

As you drive into the town of the Wild Horse Pass, you’re going to notice all of the casinos on the southern side of the street – these are the casinos that are especially popular, such as Caesars Palace, Bellagio, and Mirage. These are all fantastic, modern casinos that can’t be beaten in any aspect. However, there are still some more modest places to stay and play around in.

The Wild Horse Pass Hotel and Casino is a very impressive hotel that can fit in very nicely to any type of gambling style you may be looking for. The location alone is enough to make you want to stay and play here, but the staff are always friendly and ready to help.

The Wild Horse Pass is a short distance from the Las Vegas Strip, so if you’re hoping to see the Strip from this perspective, they’re also just a short walk away. However, their main purpose is to provide you with a place to rest and relax while you’re here, and I can tell you it’s all worth it!

Right off the main hotel there is a wonderful lake, which is actually the biggest lake in Nevada. It is surrounded by mountains, which add to the beauty of the area, and is located just ten minutes from the hotel. The grandeur of the mountain range lends an air of natural beauty to the area, and there are many scenic views to take in.

Another thing worth mentioning is the fact that you can get inside the casino with your food and drinks. Many people enjoy this convenience, and it’s something you will definitely appreciate. It is a large and comfortable room, and the employees were very friendly.

If you are staying at the Wild Horse Pass hotel and casino, then you will be able to access the casino from the west, while the hotel can be accessed from the east. That being said, however, you will find that it is easy to reach this location. The closest parking garage to the hotel is about a mile away, and all you have to do is use the shuttle to get to and from the casino.

Overall, if you have never stayed at a resort like the Wild Horse Pass before, I would highly recommend it. It provides you with a wonderful place to stay and is even more relaxing than a casino can be.